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The Little Yew brings the power of reading, learning and family together for fun while supporting a great cause. Author Gregory Ahlijian has chosen not to receive any profit from book sales and instead donate proceeds to non-profit organizations to provide children with opportunities they otherwise might not enjoy. Children will enjoy reading these beautifully illustrated books and the purchaser will experience the added satisfaction knowing other well-deserving children will also receive benefit, possibly resulting in helping make a positive difference in their lives.

An Elephant Would Be Wonderful

An Elephant Would Be Wonderful


With colorful and enchanting illustrations, An Elephant Would Be Wonderful is a delightful and whimsical poem for young readers and thier parents.

A Large Rock and a Little Yew

The Large Rock and the Little Yew

The book that has raised over $100,000. to help abused children.

"A short story about courage, perseverance, self-respect and hope with the underlying theme being that there is honor in meeting and overcoming life's challenges." Timeless lessons for children as well as adults.


“A story that effortlessly weaves in lessons for a successful life, and not just for yew trees . . . Every great story has a moral, and here the moral is that the unfair struggle can be the catalyst to the greatness God intends for us all.”

- Dave Ziegler, Ph.D.,
Executive Director,
Jasper Mountain

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